Corona healers must wear a mask!

According to reports Economy News According to ISNA, Dr. Ali Akbar Karami, referring to the normalization of corona in Qazvin, stated: Masking is one of the important factors in preventing the spread of corona, a person who has received and recovered corona must also use a mask because Not wearing a mask can transmit respiratory viruses to other people.

He added: “Masking is not necessarily to protect ourselves, but to prevent the spread of the virus from our body to high-risk people; Some people do not wear masks and say we got coronas and we got well so our bodies are safe but they should know that they also have the potential to spread the virus to other people.

“Normalization is very dangerous and the worst part is not using a mask. Many people are looking for multimillion-dollar vaccines to prevent coronary heart disease, while a mask can play a preventive role,” said Qazvin University of Medical Sciences deputy director of treatment.

Nowruz 1400 medical staff also do not have leave

He reminded: the congestion in the market and Eid purchases that do not comply with health protocols will have many consequences. Qazvin medical sciences staff will not have 99 days off and holidays next year, like Nowruz, and will have to go to work.

Karami said: “Many people say that medical staff get paid for their work, while the increase in nurses’ salaries, despite being raised several times, has not yet been achieved. On the other hand, after a year of hard work, everyone needs to rest.”

“The peak of hardship is waiting and the medical staff is fully prepared. We already had 650 patients and we are ready, but we should know that Corona has no definitive cure and we should not wait for a miracle if the number of patients increases. We prepared a bed but Corona.” There is no cure and we can not prevent death.

Qazvin University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellor for Treatment reminded: “Currently, all over the world, only the proposed drugs to control respiratory problems are used for corona treatment, and there is no definitive cure yet. People should pay attention to the next peak of corona in It will be May, these peaks will be to the detriment of the people and the medical staff.