Corona kills 68 more compatriots / Identifies 7620 new cases

According to reports Economy News According to ISNA, Dr. Sima Sadat Lari, said: “From yesterday to today (March 20, 2016) and based on definitive diagnostic criteria, 7620 new patients with Covid 19 were identified in the country, of which 757 were hospitalized.” The total number of Covid 19 patients in the country reached 1,786,265.

He added: “Unfortunately, during the last 24 hours, 68 patients with Covid lost 19 lives and the total number of deaths from this disease reached 61,649. Fortunately, 1,528,694 patients have been recovered or discharged from hospitals so far.

He continued: 3879 patients with Covid 19 are being cared for in the intensive care units of hospitals. So far, 12 million 39 thousand 329 diagnostic tests of Covid 19 have been performed in the country. There are 9 red cities, 31 orange cities, 295 yellow cities and 113 blue cities.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health told citizens: “Due to the mutated virus and its high transmission power, this year’s trips are more dangerous than last year’s Nowruz, and not every trip is in the interest of us and our loved ones, so any travel planning should be avoided.”