Corona made clear to the world the importance of having nurses and doctors

Referring to the sacrifices of nurses, the CEO of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization said: “Corona has clarified the importance of the existence of nurses and doctors for the world.”

According to the economic observation and quoted by Hornnews; Seyyed Omid Shahidinia, congratulating the nurse on the day of birth and the birth of Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH), said: Regarding the corona epidemic, it was predicted that Bandar Mahshahr city would face a crisis due to the special conditions in terms of population density and traffic, but compared to Current conditions and compared to other cities in Khuzestan province, we were much more successful.

He added: “Apart from sacrificing the medical staff, we tried to support and accompany them in terms of providing equipment, eliminating the shortage of manpower and observing health procedures, and the expenses incurred in the past few months in Bandar Mahshahr to deal with Corona in the lowest parts of the country He had a sample and fortunately tangible results were obtained in this field.

Shahidi Nia, while wishing health and stability to the medical staff, especially nurses, said: “We hope that the way to deal with this virus in the world will go in a direction that reduces your hard work and overcomes the crisis, as well as eliminating deficiencies and introducing new equipment. To improve the level of health services, let’s return to the golden age of this important sector to increase the satisfaction of colleagues.

The CEO of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization stated: “With the corona and what happened, the importance of medicine and nursing became clearer for the whole world. The world, with all its progress, is still indebted to the efforts and sacrifices of this working class.”