Corona particles in the car air reach their highest level in just 15 minutes

According to Borna; The study also shows that particles of the corona virus can stay suspended in the car air for about four hours; According to the results of this study, opening all car windows is the most effective way to ensure proper ventilation and reduce the risk of corona virus transmission in case of passenger or driver contamination.

However, due to the fact that in the cold and wet winter months, it is not possible to open all the car windows, only by opening two windows, this risk can be significantly reduced. According to these computer simulations, the best arrangement is for the passenger to sit diagonally behind the driver and open the rear window of the driver’s seat as well as the front passenger window.

Medical officials constantly warn you not to get in the car of someone who is not from your home, but if you have to do this, be sure to take precautions. Taxi drivers should also install plastic barriers between the front and back of the car, reducing the number of passengers they ride.

But despite all these measures, air conditioning is still a powerful weapon in reducing the number of rotating infectious particles caused by a person with Covid-19.

In these simulations, all possible combinations of open windows were tested and it was found that opening windows close to the passenger and driver is not the most effective task, but the most effective way to properly ventilate the air is to open the driver’s seat window and passenger window in the front seat. These simulations showed that the air flow acts as a barrier between the driver and the passenger.

Although these measures do not replace wearing a face mask inside the car, they can help reduce the load of pathogenic particles in the very limited space of the car cabin.

The findings are published in the journal Science Advances.