Corona will not be the last and worst epidemic in history

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) website, experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) said at the organisation’s last press conference in 2020 that the coronavirus epidemic was “extremely severe” and that Covid_19 was not necessarily the “biggest” of such crises. Likely to occur in the future; So the world has to learn to live with Covid-19.

“We need to work together in this fragile world and in increasingly complex societies,” said Mike Ryan, director of the World Health Organization’s emergency program. He added: “The world will be better prepared to deal with future health crises by relying on trained medical staff, the use of innovative technologies and knowledgeable and committed citizens who will be able to maintain their security.”

“Having a vaccine, even at the highest level of immunity, is not a guarantee of eradicating an infectious disease,” Ryan said.

According to David Hyman, head of the World Health Organization’s Strategic Infectious Diseases Advisory Group, and Mike Ryan, based on the theory that the disease cannot be eradicated even with a vaccine, the most likely scenario for the “fate” of the coronavirus is its localization.

According to the Afeh news agency, observing the mutated type of corona virus and identifying new cases of this new type in different parts of the world has strengthened the theory of localization of the corona virus in humans and animals. Given the changes that occur in the nature of a corona virus after a mutation, it can be said that this mutation can both increase the virus’ contagion and can also envision a future mutation that will make the virus more contagious. In this way, the disease will be localized, at least in some parts of the world.

Bruce Ailward, an adviser to the World Health Organization, also said that despite significant efforts to combat Covid_19, including the development of effective vaccines in the short term, the current state of the world is far from ready to fight other epidemics in the future.

He added: “We are going through the second and third waves of this virus and we have not been able to manage it yet.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanum, on Thursday night in a video message on the occasion of Christmas, while inviting citizens of all countries to continue to observe the principles of care during the epidemic of Covid_19, warns of wasting the sacrifices made so far to control the disease. Dad.

More than 81 million 673 thousand people worldwide have been infected with Covid 19 so far, and more than 1.778 thousand have died, according to the Wardo Mitter website.