Covid 19 recovers from the seal of earthly angels

ISNA / Bushehr From the tiredness and hatred that he had in his throat, I realized the severity of his illness from the back of the phone with the same greeting we had. They said that he also had coronary heart disease and now I wanted to ask him about the days he spent in Bushehr hospitals under the pretext of an interview …

Apparently, like many of us, he did not imagine that one day he would get this disease. “I attended a ceremony one day, and there was a man who had been suffering from coronary heart disease for twenty days,” he said in a voice that barely came out of his throat. I dreamed at night that I had this disease. “I tested a few days later, and my test result was positive.”

The woman says she was hospitalized and not properly cared for in a public hospital. “I was transferred to another hospital a day later, and I was hospitalized for a month and a half,” Darshamal told ISNA.

“There I really saw how these nurses and paramedics put their heart and soul into patients, especially patients in the coronary ward,” he said.

Then he turned upside down and continued in a hateful voice, “Before, I did not think the nurses were so kind and compassionate to the sick. I saw earthly angels there.”

“In the month and a half that I was hospitalized, 90 percent of my lungs were infected, one of my legs was completely paralyzed, but the nurses were so good and compassionate,” she said in a voice that still showed signs of coronary fatigue and difficulty. “They took care that my language is incapable of all that love.”

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