Creating added value above the money market with the establishment of Kimia Mes Iranian

Majid Hatef Vahid, CEO of Kimia Mes Iranian Financial Group Investment Company, said: Kimia Mes Iranian Investment Company has been established as a financial institution that is 100% owned by Mes Company with the aim of creating added value above the money market.

Hatef stated that the issue of establishing this company has been put on the agenda with the approval of the esteemed board of directors of the copper company and said: “Fortunately, in May of this year, we succeeded in obtaining a principled agreement from the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization.” And we are currently in the process of reviewing the qualifications of the new board members.

Babian said that a license has been issued to allocate 500 billion tomans to this company: “According to this license, 80% of this amount will be spent on short-term investments and 20% on long-term investments.”

“Another goal of the company is to support the family share in critical situations,” he said. “We do not act as a market company and seek to create added value above the money market for the National Copper Company.”

He added: “Certainly, with the wisdom of the CEO of the copper company, this company will have a bright future.”

According to Hatef Vahid, the company’s ultimate goal is to use new financial tools, financial engineering and new financial services, establish a project fund and raise capital for mining projects.

The CEO of Kimia Mes Iranian Investment Company, noting that 90% of the companies operating in the country in the field of financing have a banking basis, said: Kimia Mes Iranian is the first company to be established in the country with a focus on the mining industry.

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