Cyber ​​attacks on Washington; The collapse of the majesty of the most powerful country in the world

At least two decades ago, countries in the wars and implementation of their policies in the international arena, adopted new and different methods, the most prominent of which can be Electronic warfare Or cyber pointed. The United States has long been known for this, but after cyber attacks Recently, about a week ago, when the consequences are becoming more and more clear, it seems that the capabilities of Washington, of which it is proud, should be reconsidered.

The recent attacks did not involve just one very sensitive US entity, but several government agencies America Also disrupted because in recent days there have been conflicting analyzes and interpretations. For example, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Russia of carrying out these cyberattacks, but US President Donald Trump, whose presidency has come to an end, contradicted the Secretary of State and said that China may be involved in the attack. He is credited with his war with China over the Washington-Beijing conflict over fifth-generation telecommunications technology and the war over the sixth-generation communications technology.

The cyberattacks targeted Pentagon agencies and nuclear reactors, as well as the Department of Energy, which is responsible for activating these reactors, and the US Treasury Department and Commerce.

US officials have not yet been able to determine the backstory of the hack and the amount and quantity of information hacked.


But estimates suggest that it may take years to get rid of the consequences of these attacks and rebuild a powerful cyber defense program, suggesting that the hack may have lost more than expected.

But some would like to say that the attacks are not the fault of the hacker groups that targeted US intelligence agencies and obtained information from hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals, but Trump, who does not seem to care, or even the nature of cybersecurity and attack risks. Who realizes that he has understood.

“This shows not only the failure of intelligence but also the failure of national defense, and these attacks are no less than the 9/11 attacks,” said Frank Vigliotzi, a former cyber security officer with the FBI.

The former US intelligence official blames Trump for spending billions of dollars on cybersecurity to build a wall on the Mexican border, as well as funding the fight against Corona for the Department of Defense and the construction of the wall. With this virus he formed the corona.

Trump is unaware of the dangers of cybersecurity and possible attacks and the disclosure of top-secret information and the importance of the US nuclear arsenal and the secret correspondence of the Department of Defense and other sensitive ministries, but why is China and Russia sometimes being blamed? The only reason is his great failure in the US cyber security system.

Undoubtedly, this crisis will overshadow the administration of US President-elect Joe Biden, but more importantly, it will create a large, perhaps larger, gap in the US e-security system, especially since the Trump era, according to many Americans, It is over after the election.