Daily movements of tradable funds / New wave Real acceptance of fixed income funds

EconomyOnlineAmir Mehdizadeh; Kamand (Kamand) fixed income fund accounted for the most transactions today, followed by the first refining fund (refining), which was named the second most traded fund. Etemad Afarin Parsian (Etemad) Fund was also in the third place with the highest value of ETF funds.

The realities bought about 50 billion Tomans of “Etemad” fund units from the legal entities (28% of the fund’s transactions) and the legal entities also took part of the ownership of the first financial intermediation fund (Dara I) worth 6 billion Tomans in their favor (5% of transactions).

Holders of Parsian Wealth Investment Fund (Wealth) saw a 0.7 percent increase in their assets, but on the other hand, the owners of the “Refining” fund suffered a loss of 3.9 percent in one day. Also, today’s excitement caused the biggest price fluctuation (7.6%) in relation to the first refinery to play a role in the trading table.

The two financial intermediation and refining funds together had a 42.7% share of the transactions of tradable funds and also about 8 billion tomans of real money outflow.

The total value of tradable fund transactions eventually reached 1,020 billion tomans and the inflow of real money was 75 billion tomans. It should be noted that the stock market turnover was about 17 thousand and 630 billion tomans and the amount of real money outflow was 510 billion tomans.

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Daily oscillation of funds 99.10.09