Daily movements of tradable funds / real caution when leaving fixed income funds

Online EconomyAmir Mehdizadeh; The first refining fund (refining) accounted for the largest number of transactions today, followed by Kamand (Kamand) fixed income fund, which became the second most traded fund. The First Financial Intermediary Fund (Dara I) was also the third highest trading value of ETF funds.

The realities bought the equivalent of five billion Tomans of Arman Ati Kowsar Fund (Accord) units from the legal entities (24% of the fund transactions) and the legal entities also acquired a part of the ownership of Kamand fixed income fund worth 11 billion Tomans (6% of transactions).

Holders of the Future Development Investment Investment Fund (Atlas) saw a 1.3 percent increase in their assets, but refinery fund owners lost 1.9 percent overnight. Today’s excitement also caused the biggest price fluctuation (7.6%) in relation to the first refinery to play a role in the trading table.

The two financial intermediation and refining funds together had a 35.6% share of the transactions of tradable funds as well as 340 million Tomans of real money inflow.

The total value of tradable funds eventually reached 1,095 billion tomans and the outflow of real money was 25 billion tomans. It should be noted that the stock market turnover was about 14 thousand and 460 billion tomans and the amount of real money inflow was 130 billion tomans.

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Daily movements of funds 99.10.01

Daily oscillation of funds 99.10.01