Date and final composition of lottery prizes for Gharz al-Hasna savings accounts of Kargaran Welfare Bank in 1399 was announced

Composition and number of valuable prizes of the thirty-fifth lottery of Gharz al-Hasna Rial and foreign currency savings accounts of this bank from April 1 to March 20, 2017, including 160 special cash prizes each worth one billion Rials, 1060 aid items. The cost of buying a domestic car is worth 500 million Rials each, 260 scholarships are worth 300 million Rials each and 660 items of handicrafts are worth 30 million Rials each.

It is worth mentioning that maintaining a minimum balance of 500 thousand Rials during three months or 90 consecutive days from 1399.1.1 until the end of office hours 1400.3.28, opening an account and having a minimum balance of 500 thousand Rials on the day of the lottery and having a meteor code The main thing is to participate in the lottery.

It should be noted that the deadline for opening an account or completing the balance is 99.12.30.

Public Relations of Workers’ Welfare Bank