Decline of the total stock index on the first day of winter

According to the IBNA correspondent, today, the Glass Hall, in the trading of the third day of the week (Monday, December 1, 1999), witnessed a downward trend in a number of selected indices. So that the price index (weight-value) decreased by 707 units or 0.19 percent to 375,356 units. The total weighted index, with a growth of 4580 units or 1.02 percent, showed 452,418 units.

The price index (equal weight) also increased by 2998 units to 296,143 units. Also, the floating free stock index increased by 82 units and reached the level of 2 million units.

Also, the first market index decreased by 2414 units and reached 1.55 million units, and the second market index decreased by 3951 units and showed 2 million 901 thousand units.

According to this report, in today’s trading on the Tehran Stock Exchange, the trading symbols of Shasta, Khodro, Foolad, Shepna and Kegel, with the largest decrease, had a great impact on the downward trend of the overall stock index. In contrast, the trading symbols of Fakhuz, Rampana, Parsan, Khobhman, Bouali and Ranfour, had the most positive impact on the estimation of the total stock index.

With the end of capital market activity on the second working day of the week, stock exchange traders traded 9 billion and 800 million securities and stocks in the form of 1,412,000 trades worth 107,032 billion rials.

In today’s market, the largest price increase belonged to the Georgian symbol (“Georgian Biscuit”) with a growth of 9.33%, followed by the symbols of Bakab, Shafa, Katram, Fespa, Dana and Fazer. Also, the trading symbol of Qasifs (Qandasfahan) had the highest price decrease with 5%, followed by the symbols of Petir, Ghobhnoush, Zamgsa, Kasaveh, and Azar and Kahafez.

Today’s market transactions

Today’s trading trend of the capital market shows that the trading symbols Shasta, Shepna, Khodro, Famli, Vatjarat, Kama and Famli have been introduced as the most active symbols of the market.

Most supply and demand

According to the report, the trading symbols of Bu Ali, Qarn, Barakat, Vatjarat, Bemoto, Feros and Kamaseh were in the highest demand, while the symbols of Ghobnoosh, Zamgsa, Petir, Qasfeh, Energy 1, Padrakhsh and Sanosa had the highest supply.

Industrial indicator fluctuation

In today’s capital market transactions, the index of industries such as engineering, metal products, coal, pharmaceuticals and machinery increased, and the index of transportation, publishing and printing industries recorded a downward trend.