Decreased buying demand in the home appliance market

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ILNA, Mohammad Hossein Eslamian said about the situation of the home appliance market in the days leading up to Nowruz: “Although it is Eid night, we are facing a decrease in demand day by day.” At the beginning of 1999, with the outbreak of coronary heart disease, the home appliance market, like other industries, was affected. Subsequently, with the increase in prices, the purchasing power of the people in the field of home appliances decreased and the market stagnated to the point that even on Eid night, there was no significant demand in the market.

He also added: “After Eid, considering that we are facing the holy month of Ramadan and election days, there is certainly no good market waiting for home appliances.” Production has increased this year and it can be said that goods such as refrigerators, freezers and washing machines are in abundance in the market.

The Vice President of the Tehran Home Appliance Traders Union predicted the market situation in 1400: In general, 1400 does not seem to be a prosperous year in terms of business, for example, with the upcoming presidential elections this year, the psychological atmosphere in society It turns out that people are waiting for a change. Everyone is waiting to see who comes to work, where the issue of Borjam goes, and as a result what impact it has on the market to make their purchase.

He pointed out: “On the other hand, the economic situation of the people is also influential, the purchasing power of the people has really decreased.” It is not possible for an ordinary person to buy a refrigerator and freezer for 20 million Tomans. So while it is not possible to make an accurate prediction of next year, I think we will face more recession in 1400.

Islamian also clarified: “Our emphasis is still that if people want to buy home appliances, they should buy goods with a valid warranty so that they do not get into trouble later.”