Dehbashi revelation against the son of economic advisor Saeed Jalili

According to Eqtesad News, documentary filmmaker Hossein Dehbashi wrote on Twitter: “The son of a genius economic adviser and academic missionary, the most prominent civilian candidate among the fundamentalists, has long been a senior researcher at one of the world’s most advanced military research centers in Israel. They found such a record in one of the competitors.

He was one of the most amazing geniuses in contemporary history. In his tenth year, he was the memorizer of the whole Qur’an, Nahj al-Balaghah, Masnavi, Divan of Hafez and fluent in several languages ​​and a special student of Allameh Jafari. With the permission of a high-ranking official and without going to the military, he immigrated and at the age of 17 he received a pure doctorate in mathematics from Oxford and then went to Israel!

The father, who was himself a scientist and one of the two pillars of education at Imam Sadegh University, was seriously ill and disturbed by his son’s mistake and was not punished only thanks to the elders. Now he has supported one of his students in the elections and the genius son seems to be somewhere else. . “But what would they really do with them if they were not insiders?”

Although Dehbashi did not mention the name of the candidate and economic advisor, the reactions of his followers show that the name of the candidate in question is apparently Saeed Jalili, and the name of the economic advisor is Massoud Derakhshan, a faculty member of Allameh Tabatabai University.