Delbari, the deputy cleric of the parliament

Delbari, the deputy cleric of the parliament

According to Eqtesad News, Seyed Ehsan Khandozi, a member of the 12th parliament, claimed in a tweet that in one of the meetings to review the budget bill in the previous round, the head of the Program and Budget Organization called a liberal indicator with the aim of appeasing the members of parliament.

Khandouzi wrote in his tweet: “In the meeting of the budget bill, one third of which is a deficit, Mr. Nobakht (not Mr. Ahmadinejad) for the sake of encouraging the 11th parliament has said something like this:

The budget is closed based on three operating, capital and financial levels. The operating balance shows the difference between tax revenues and current expenditures, which mainly includes wages. This balance is usually negative in the Iranian economy. Many experts attribute the significant gap in the operating balance to one of the main sources of inflation and other problems in They introduce economics and believe that the imbalance in budget resources and expenditures has put pressure on banking resources and the growth of the monetary base.

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