Deposit a loan of 50 million to the account of retirees

Ali Dehghan Kia, President of the Association retireds Tehran Social Security stated about the latest situation of depositing a loan of 5 million Tomans for social security retirees: We sent the names of the retirees who had applied for a loan of 5 million Tomans to the Social Security Organization for final examinations.

He pointed out that the Social Security Organization announced that it would deposit a loan of 5 million Tomans with the salary of Azar in the applicants’ accounts, and continued: About 7,000 people in Tehran applied for a loan of 5 million Tomans, of which about 3,000 were information. The person was not correct and we sent the list of 4,000 people to the Social Security Organization.

The head of the Social Security Retirees Association of Tehran said about the conditions for receiving a loan of 5 million Tomans: “This loan does not need a guarantor and all social security pensioners can apply for a loan, but retirees should not be guarantors of another person.”