Deputy Aircraft Authority: We did not have any passengers from the UK after the ban

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, Saeed Namaki – Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education – announced yesterday: “We found the first case of 19 Covid mutations found in a British compatriot who came from England and after a long observation.” He was hospitalized in a private hospital, and after repeated examinations, his Covid 19 test was confirmed to be mutated.
In such a situation, some people in cyberspace claimed that the lack of proper monitoring of flights and the arrival of passengers through this country has brought a new corona to Iran, and the authorities should be held accountable.
Abolghasem Jalali, Deputy Minister of Aviation and International Affairs of the National Aviation Organization, said: “Although the arrival of the British Corona virus in Iran has been confirmed by the Minister of Health, but this issue has nothing to do with airlines and airlines because exactly from the day the Ministry of Health and Education “We have stopped flights to the UK and no passengers have been allowed to enter the country since that day,” the doctor said.

We did not have a single passenger from the UK after the ban

He added: “Since that date, we have banned all domestic and foreign airlines from the UK to this country, and we can say with certainty that we have not allowed even one person to enter the country through the UK.”
Pointing out that from the very first days, the Ministry of Health was looking for a list of people who had entered Iran through the United Kingdom before the announcement of the ban, the deputy head of the Civil Aviation Authority said: We took them all because the health of the people is important to us, but we do not know how this traveler entered the country.
Of course, the Minister of Health in his remarks yesterday also confirmed the fact that there was no violation in the arrival of this passenger, he said in this regard: “This person is fine now and fortunately since he is very alert and aware from the first day Although they entered the country with a negative PCR, completely isolated themselves from their companions and family and had no suspicious travel anywhere, all those around this person were evaluated and fortunately the traces of the virus were found nearby. And we did not find their family.