Description of Persepolis’ performance in the Asian final / The Reds needed to be mentally strengthened

Description of Persepolis' performance in the Asian final / The Reds needed to be mentally strengthened

The coach of the Khuzestani legionnaire, in an exclusive interview with ILNA in Khuzestan, described the performance of the Persepolis team in the final match of the Asian Champions League.

According to ILNA from Khuzestan, Amin Sobhani, describing the performance of Persepolis team in the final match of the Asian Champions League, told ILNA reporter today: December 20: The game started with cautiousness of Persepolis team and attacks of Olsan team and the Iranian representative, in one third of his defense Close spaces and play controls.

Explaining his expert opinions in explaining the first half, he added: “The Iranian Reds started the game with the aim of closing their home spaces with the 1-3-2-4 system and using Ahmad Noor Elahi and Milad Sarlak as defensive midfielders, and the team’s main attacks.” Ulsan, in the first 25 minutes from the left side of Persepolis, took place and the team’s repeated penetrations from the left side of the field and sometimes the quick transfer of the game to the opposite, created several dangerous situations for the Korean team. However, thanks to Hamed Lak’s luck and reactions, this Situations for almonds did not work.

The coach of the Khuzestani legionnaire said: “In the last twenty minutes of the first half, the Persepolis team balanced the flow of the game and put the game on the agenda by creating from the sides and even the depth of the opponent’s defense. Prevented the creation of opportunities for this team.

Sobhani further spoke about the vigilance of the Iranian representative in using the weaknesses of his Korean opponent and specified: Persepolis team, being aware and aware of the weaknesses of Olsan team in playing the defense, pressed in one third of the team’s defense, which eventually led to Olsan made a mistake and the ball was caught by the Persepolis midfield, and they immediately tuned the attacking instrument so that Abdi could score the first goal of the game after receiving the ball with a beautiful shot.

He added: “The lack of concentration of the Reds in the last minutes caused an error in our penalty area and a penalty was awarded by the referee. Despite Hamed Lak’s very good reaction and control of the ball, the ball returned to the Brazilian player and Olsan equalized. شد. Exactly at the best possible time for Almonds and vice versa, the worst time for Persepolis, so that both teams enter the locker room in different spirits and receive the orders of their technical staff for the second half.

Regarding the second half of the match, the football expert said: “Ulsan’s team turned the ball around with a steady tactic in the first half, and the midfielders of this team arranged a series of attacks from the left side of Persepolis. In one of the passes, the good placement of Junior Negravo The ball was hit and although it reached the blind spot of Persepolis team, but luckily, it hit the crossbar, but before that, Mehdi Shiri, who was unaware of this striker, to compensate for his backwardness, repelled the ball with his hand, which led to a penalty. In favor of Ulsan and the goal was scored by Jr. Shiri made a very bad mistake at the time, giving the initiative to Ulsan’s team and forcing Persepolis to adopt other plans to return to the game.

Sobhani, referring to the substitutions and changes in the game system, said: Yahya Golmohammadi tried to impose more attacking forms on the team by removing Shiri and replacing Arman Ramezani, as well as changing the team system to 442, so that with repeated submissions from the sidelines for Ramezani In addition to creating the situation, he sought to use the third ball, but this plan did not work due to the tall defenders of Ulsan. Persepolis team, despite the high technical and physical quality, could not score the equalizer and return to the game.

The international football coach emphasized in the end: in critical and final games, the psychological pressure on the players and the staff of the team is very high. In order to neutralize this pressure, special measures were taken to improve the morale of the players and the technical staff. While the cancellation of the last two games of Persepolis in the Iranian Premier League had taken the team out of the game to some extent, but it is hoped that this game will be used well for future national and club matches and in the future we will see the national and club team win in Asia. Let’s be.