Design, localization and localization of 18-inch LRD450 rotating disc valve with hydraulic actuator

Sungun Copper Complex by creating channels and communication platforms with scientific centers, production, parts makers, etc., using the expertise, experience and capabilities of local experts, basic steps in the movement of parts localization and the knowledge required by the copper industry in the years Recently, the design and construction of a 16-inch disc and ball valve, an 18-inch LRD450 rotating disc valve with a hydraulic actuator, etc. are examples of this.

According to the economic observation and quoting the public relations of Mes Sungun, this valve weighing about 3.5 tons, which was made by Flowrox company of Finland and was previously bought abroad, was used in the tailings pump (TPS) at an altitude of 2063 meters above sea level. It is designed by the joint efforts of Sungun Copper Engineers in the Technical Office of Engineering Affairs of the “Azerbaijan Regional Deputy of the Commercial Services Company for Mines and Ferrous Metals” and is manufactured in the Tabriz Techno-Turning Company. .

فوقThe above equipment consists of 2 main parts, 18-inch disc valve and hydraulic actuator, the main material used in the body is st52 carbon steel, and in the hydraulic actuator, suitable and standard material is used for the relevant components.

ساختThe depth of construction inside this part has reached 100% and with its internalization, the valuation has decreased by about 65,000 Euros.

It is worth mentioning that even 16-inch discs and hubs have already been commercially designed and manufactured by the company, and also the 18-inch ball valve, which is more complex than the above valves, is under construction, which will soon reach the operation stage.