Despite the sanctions, we have made progress in human development

According to Baaqtesad, Masoumeh Ebtekar added at the 65th session of the Commission on the Status of Women, which was held virtually at the United Nations: “In a few days, we will celebrate Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, the equinox and the beginning of spring.”

He continued: “This event is a good omen for better change when the world needs to change the pattern of justice, human values, peace and equality.”

The Vice President of Iran added: I come from a great civilization that dates back several millennia. I come from a nation backed by a courageous revolution rooted in high religious values.

“My nation is now facing several fronts, an economic war in the form of sanctions that even blocks the flow of drugs and vaccines in the midst of a global epidemic,” Ebtekar said. A bitter propaganda war that seeks to tarnish the image of an independent state that has tremendously resisted aggression and subjugation of powers.

He noted: “Despite these problems and bitter pressures, our nation has progressed in various dimensions, including women and the family.” We are currently at the forefront of developing countries in terms of human development.

“Women in many fields, including higher education, are ahead of men, and about 60 percent of our students are women,” said the Iranian vice president for women and family affairs. Women’s faculty has grown from 25 percent to 33.3 percent in three years, and in technology, we have grown from 27 percent to 31.5 percent, the highest in our region.

Ebtekar said that a national strategy for gender equality has been adopted and its indicators have been communicated to 31 provinces for the advancement of women and families. “The national dashboard and several databases to monitor the progress of gender equality have been launched by President Rouhani,” he said.

He added: “The bill to prevent violence against women has been approved by the government and submitted to the parliament for approval of the final law.” The law, which is also backed by the judiciary, provides a way to prevent all forms of violence.

The Vice President of Iran continued: “In addition, an advanced network of emergency social response centers for each city of more than 50,000 people accessible by the 123 hotline, supports counseling, intervention and emergency shelter provided by our civic organizations.” Are also supported.

The initiative added: “Education and training services for young people, life skills, dialogue and legal skills are now underway, especially in conjunction with the recently adopted Child and Adolescent Protection Act.”

Emphasizing that “the family is the soul of society and the cornerstone of moral, intellectual and spiritual growth,” he said: “The family is facing many problems in our time.” Iran has outlined indicators for family prosperity and a national plan for family-friendly policies is underway.

The Vice President of Iran noted: “A national family dialogue has also been promoted in 64 cities, which will allow families to strengthen their communication skills through intergenerational dialogue, and is an international center for excellent family dialogue.”

Ebtekar added: “Iranian women are also significant steps in the field of entrepreneurship, considering the support programs implemented by the government, training programs to empower women heads of households, start-ups for young graduates, providing low-interest loans and training of standard agricultural products for rural women.” Taken for small and medium companies in our country.

He continued: “These trends, despite the difficult challenges that Iranian women face, have created favorable prospects.” They have never lost hope in God’s promise that the final victory is with the righteous./IRNA