Destruction of a large fraud gang in Kermanshah

“Shahram Karami” stated: A large gang of fraud was dismantled by the unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman (as) in Kermanshah and most of its members were arrested.

He added: “This gang usurped the people by usurping government titles and used to receive money from them under the pretext of receiving low-interest and long-term loans.”

The Kermanshah prosecutor stated that eight people have been arrested in connection with this case and one person is a fugitive. He announced that there are 120 plaintiffs in this case.

“The defendants in this case have different charges,” he said. Separate faces will be punished.

The public prosecutor of Kermanshah province added: after the arrest of the other accused, this case will be completed and sent to the court, and with the issuance of the final verdict, the claims of the victims will be taken.

He emphasized: the case of this fraud will be decisively investigated in the judicial system of the province and its results will be announced after the court ruling is issued.

The Kermanshah prosecutor called on the people to remain vigilant against such tempting offers, saying: “People should be sensitive to the fact that if a person openly declares that he is connected to the government and the revolutionary apparatus, such a person intends to commit fraud and extortion.” .