Details of all corona vaccinations in Iran

According to Tejarat News, Jafar Sadegh Tabrizi, head of the health network of the Ministry of Health, regarding how to distribute the corona vaccine, said: “The distribution of the corona vaccine will be done through the health networks according to the priorities of the Ministry of Health.” Of course, no priorities have been set yet, but in any case, the vaccine is distributed through health networks.

Regarding the people whose names are not registered in the health network system and the apple system, he said: “These people can also refer to our centers and their names will be registered in the system when they receive the vaccine.” These people are no different from the others whose names are now on the system. Our health care network is extensive and we have a health center, a comprehensive health service center and a health center everywhere; These centers are available to the public.

Tabrizi said about prioritizing the injection of 150,000 doses of Feyers vaccine donated by donors: “Any vaccine that comes from any direction will be injected according to the priorities of the Ministry of Health, but these priorities have not been announced yet.”

He added: “It is not necessary for everyone to receive the corona vaccine, for example, the World Health Organization does not recommend the corona vaccine for people under 16 and pregnant mothers, and for others, the vaccine is given according to priorities and group safety in Society comes into being therefore; It is not necessary for 100% of the population to be vaccinated.

Source: ISNA