Details of the latest proposals to increase staff salaries

Details of the latest proposals to increase staff salaries


The Social Commission of the parliament approved a proposal according to which, if approved by the Joint Commission and approved in the open court of the parliament, the salary increase of government employees will be applied in a gradual manner next year.

According to Eqtesadnews, today the spokesman of the Social Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly announced a resolution according to which the salaries of employees will be gradually increased to 25% next year. Accordingly, the decision of the Social Commission will differ from the provisions of the government budget bill regarding a 25 percent increase in the salaries of government employees.

According to Ali Babaei, a spokesman for the parliament’s social commission, members of the commission approved a 25 percent increase in the salaries of government employees next year, with a gradual increase.

investigations EconomyNews Earlier, it was suggested that Mohammad Reza Mirtaj al-Dini, the deputy chairman of the Islamic Revolution faction, proposed a gradual salary increase; The proposal was to have a higher salary increase and a higher salary to include a smaller increase, but this proposal was not accepted due to the challenges that the government had in how to increase the salary and determine the limit of the salary increase.

Although the gradual increase in salaries was also implemented in 1985 and 1986, its margins showed that it was not a successful experience; In fact, it was based on a salary increase of 30 to 15 percent; In such a way that a 30% increase is applied for the lower salaries and the higher salaries include a 15% increase; In fact, salary increases are lower in higher salaries and earnings, respectively.

It remains to be seen whether the decision of the Economic Commission of the Majlis will become law and whether the failed experience of 1985 and 1986 will be repeated or whether the government will envisage a new way of accurately demarcating the margins of increases.

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