Did the Tehran City Council agree with the resignation of Hojjat Nazari?

Zahra Nejad Bahram Member of the Board Tehran City Council Regarding the resignation of Hojjat Nazari, a member of the Cultural and Social Commission of Tehran City Council stated: The draft of Hojjat Nazari’s resignation was sent to the presidium of Tehran City Council last week, but the confirmation of Nazari’s resignation is not valid.

He added: “According to the rules of the council, the resignation of each member must be considered in the city council and the board alone can not approve the resignation of the members.”

In response to the question, what was the reason for Hojjat Nazari’s resignation? He said: Ask Mr. Nazari about this issue.

Mohsen Hashemi, the chairman of the Tehran City Council, also said about the resignation of Hojjat Nazari: The board of the council has opposed this resignation and the deputy chairman of the city council is scheduled to speak with Hojjat Nazari in this regard.