Different purposes of the dollar price in the foreign exchange market

According to Eqtesad News, a study of the behavior of market makers and oscillators in recent days shows that these two groups have different goals. The price of the dollar on the bank exchange boards has gradually decreased in recent days until it reached the beginning of the 24,000 Toman channel on Monday. If this trend continues, most likely, بان bank exchange offices will reduce their selling price to 23,900 tomans today. This means that an ordinary person with his national card can go to these exchanges and buy $ 2,200 for 500 to 700 tomans cheaper than the open market. Of course, some activists have stated that those who have already used their currency quota from exchange offices in 1399 ‌ can not use the mentioned difference.

Dollars behind the line

While bank exchange offices have reduced their prices in recent days, in the open market, the dollar has been able to keep itself above the range of 24 thousand and 500 tomans. Naturally, as long as this support range is maintained, there will be no emotional sales in the market. In a situation where the market maker intends to take the dollar to the channel of 23 thousand Tomans through bank exchange offices, free market traders, in the first stage, try to maintain the channel of 24 thousand Tomans and in the second stage, before the end of the year, to defeat The channel will try for 25,000 Tomans. Dollars need a dirham remittance rate above 6,900 tomans to break the 25,000 toman border.