Discover a new way to identify coronary before symptoms begin

The corona virus has spread rapidly around the world, with a team of scientists in the United States and Europe trying to determine whether wearable technology, devices such as smartwatches, trackers and sensor-filled rings could be used. Will you help in diagnosing the disease or not.

The University of California said in a study published in scientific reports that a smart ring with the ability to continuously control a person’s temperature may predict Covid 19, even in cases where infection is not suspected.

Fifty coronary patients participated in the study, and for 38 of them, fever and chills were recorded correctly when they had no symptoms. The aim of this study is to develop an algorithm that can predict the onset of symptoms such as fever, cough and fatigue, which are characteristic of Covid-19.

According to the researchers, the data obtained from the cover devices and close to the body is much more appropriate than reading a disposable thermometer. “Continuous temperature information can better detect fever and help diagnose the disease,” said Ashley Mason, the project’s lead researcher.

Another study found that smartwatches can also be useful in identifying Covid 19 in people who have not yet experienced symptoms.

The paper, published last month in Nature Medical Engineering, analyzed data from 32 people with coronary artery disease and found that 81 percent had significant changes in key indicators measured by watches. Heart rate, daily steps or bedtime are key indicators.

Using smartwatch data, we show that 63% of coronary heart disease cases can be diagnosed before symptoms begin, the researchers said.

“As smart and wearable technology becomes more cost-effective, it can be used to detect a wide range of diseases early in areas of the world where access to health care is scarce,” said study author Michael Snyder.