Discover sea creatures that have been hidden under ice for 50 years

According to reports EconomyNews According to ISNA, the German research ship Polarstern, passing through a narrow path between the newly released “A-74” and the Brunt ice plateau in the north of Antarctica, has hours of videos and thousands of images of creatures. Recorded that they lived 18 miles (30 km) below the water surface. The researchers reported that they were able to discover a vibrant community of mollusks, scavengers, starfish, sea cucumbers and at least five species of fish and two species of squid.

Researchers at the Alfred Winger Institute for Polar and Oceanic Research (AWI) in Germany, who were in charge of the Polastern mission, said in a statement:

Finding marine life near the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean is no surprise. Hundreds of marine species live in icy waters and can sometimes be found in really unexpected places.

Last month, researchers found a group of sea sponges and scavengers clinging to a rock 900 meters below the Filchner-Ronn ice. This discovery, like the new discovery of Polastern, confused scientists a little, the main reason being the existence of filthy eaters. These animals, which include sponges and corals, settle in one place and wait for food, usually a kind of phytoplankton (a kind of microscopic seaweed), to come to them.