Discover the beheaded Sirjani girl in the trash / Who is the killer?

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The beheading of Sirjani’s daughter had a heartbreaking and shocking behind the scenes.

The beheading of Sirjani’s daughter was so horrifying and shocking that it affected everyone and various hypotheses were published with her, the most important of which was honor killing, but an hour later with the murderer’s confession, details.

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Who is the killer of Sirjani’s daughter ?! / It was a fruit knife!

Following the news of the beheading of a Sirjani girl, Mohsen Nikvarz, the general and revolutionary prosecutor of Sirjan, explained the details of the news: “The murder defendant, a 45-year-old man, married, addicted and with a criminal record, According to him, two days before the incident, he met the victim, who was also addicted, in a park, and after the victim requested cash, the defendant accompanied him, and after preparing the drugs, he went to a ruined place to use them. they do. Apparently, yesterday evening, while using drugs or psychotropic substances, the defendant struck the victim on the head with a few pieces of stone due to the illusion caused by the use of drugs, and then with a fruit knife that he brought with him, after inflicting several blows The victim’s head and face are brutally torn off and thrown into a bag in the trash. Around midnight last night, while emptying the trash, the municipal workers saw the suspicious bag and informed the police emergency center, and immediately, in the presence of the police, the accused surrendered and confessed to the murder of Sirjani’s daughter. “Accompanied by a team of police officers, the location of the crime will be informed and the accuracy of the matter will be confirmed.”

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Rumors of beheading a young woman in Sirjani

The Sirjan prosecutor added: “So far, the identity of the victim, who is a 4-year-old woman, has not been determined and additional investigations are underway to identify her. The rumors about the honor of the murder of Sirjani’s daughter and other published materials are not true. “And the accused will be tried immediately for the crime committed and justice will be done for him.”

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