Discovery of a new and more dangerous type of corona / transmission speed multiplied

According to Asra Iran, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced after identifying the new Covid-19 virus in the UK that it would be in “close contact” with British authorities for research and information.

Following the identification of the new type of coronavirus, much of the south-east of England and London was subject to severe and new restrictions on the control of coronary heart disease.

The Netherlands also banned British flights to its territory.

There is no evidence that Corona vaccines are effective against the new type of Covid-19 virus / Photo: Reuters

Discover the new type of Corona in Britain more quickly / Netherlands: Cancellation of British flights

The Dutch government has announced that the ban on British flights to the Netherlands will take effect between December 20 and January 3.

The Dutch ordered a ban on flights from Britain after sampling and finding a new strain of the corona virus in their country. The new type of coronavirus found in the Netherlands was the same model discovered in Britain earlier this month.

Waiting for “more clarity” on the situation in the UK, Dutch officials said that “the risk of a new virus entering the Netherlands from the UK should be minimized”.

The Dutch government has said it will work with other EU member states in the coming days “to further reduce the risk of a new type of coronavirus from Britain”.

Information from the new version of Corona

The World Health Organization tweeted that it would be in close contact with British officials about the new version of the coronavirus, the BBC reported.

According to the report, the UK is sharing information on ongoing research into the new strain of the coronavirus, and the World Health Organization (WHO) is informing member states and the public of “the characteristics of this strain and its consequences”.

There is no evidence that the new virus is deadly, whether it behaves differently from the vaccine or how it is treated, according to British and international officials.

“I think the new virus will make things much worse, but if the vaccines work, there are optimistic facts,” said Chris Whitey, Britain’s chief medical officer.

What is happening in virus-infected Europe?

New programs are under way to curb the Corona virus over the Christmas holidays in the south-east of England and elsewhere in Scotland, Wales and even other parts of the British Isles.

“Row 4 residents must stay home,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announcing tougher restrictions.

Discover the new type of Corona in Britain more quickly / Netherlands: Cancellation of British flights

Italy has also ordered a nationwide quarantine for most of Christmas and New Year. The country will be subject to “red zone” restrictions during the official holidays, and all shops, restaurants and unnecessary bars will be closed. Italians will only be allowed to travel for limited reasons.

The Netherlands and Germany have imposed restrictive laws until January (next month). During the Christmas holidays, Germans are only allowed to host four close family members.

Austria is set to enter its third nationwide quarantine period after Christmas. From December 26, unnecessary shops in the country will be closed and out-of-home travel will be restricted.

Sweden also recommends the use of masks on public transport, especially during rush hour, and changes its previous guidelines.

The office of French President Emmanuel Macron has described the president as “stable” after his coronation test was positive. The report states that he experiences symptoms such as fatigue and cough, but these symptoms do not prevent him from working.

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovi که, who attended the EU summit with Macron last week, announced two days before his coronation test was positive.