Dispute over the penalty for non-implementation of the Strategic Action Act

After expressing different positions by the government on the implementation of this law, which first discussed its non-implementation and then its implementation with a specific interpretation of the government based on the interpretation of the principles of the constitution, now the legal vice president announced in an interview that the government is obliged And it has the right to implement this law, like all other laws, with an interpretation in accordance with the constitution. In particular, consider Articles 57, 60, 75, 125, 134, 138, 176 and Chapter 3 of the Constitution and implement the correct interpretation in accordance with the principles.

Another point that was considered in the law was the punishment for not implementing the law, says Laia Junidi, who says that this style of writing law has never been common in criminal matters.

* Leaving the verb is punishable

In this case, Hassan Norouzi, the head of the Judiciary and Legal Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, emphasizes that there has always been punishment for abandoning the act, and with this view, the legislator has determined the punishment for abandoning the act in this law.

The representative of the people of Robat Karim in the parliament emphasizes: what has been specified in this law by the parliament has not been anything other than the previous routine of legislating; Because in the previous laws, the punishment for omission has been determined, for example, for the child protection law, we have seen that for a parent who leaves his child and, for example, the child is injured in an accident, the court imposes a 50% punishment for the offender. It imposes a 50 percent penalty on parents who abandon their children, and this includes taking action.

* One should not look at the politicized law

The head of the Judiciary and Legal Commission of the parliament considers the words of the legal deputy of the parliament to be mixed with political work and says: when the legislator makes a law, a person who is a lawyer should not look at that law politically.

He considers such a statement as a result of looking at the law from a political and political point of view and emphasizes: In the holy Sharia of Islam, there is a lack of negligence and failure to perform a punitive duty.

“The government has already stated once that it does not implement the law on strategic action, and then it has announced that it will implement it. We hope this law will be implemented properly by the government,” he said.

The government has previously stated that it opposes the law on strategic action to lift sanctions, but Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that despite opposition to the law, the government will have to implement the parliament’s resolution.

Now, the Vice President for Legal Affairs says: “This is a law that has entered the field of implementation, that is, it has not been seen as a boundary between the legislature and the executive branch. The appearances of some phrases and words are very limited.

Junidi also believes that this style of writing legislation has never been common in criminal matters and emphasizes: this is legally criticizable, now let the law be passed in this way and is, now every official for whatever reason is in the position of interpreting it Should try to interpret it as closely as possible to the constitution so as not to cause the constitution to conflict with ordinary law.

Apart from this debate, however, the government has a history of non-implementation of some laws in the past, and the lack of crime, as if leaving the act in law enforcement, has led to no punishment for those who deviate from the law. In this case, Nowruz considers the non-implementation of the law as a precedent and reminds: for example, only in the Sixth Development Plan, 50% of the program has not been implemented by the government.