Disrespect to reporters in the national team camp

While PR Karate Federation This morning (Tuesday) with the announcement of the presence of Mehdi Alinejad at the camp of the national team from journalists and media to cover training in Corona Days Had invited, but minutes after the exercise, reporters were kicked out of the exercise area.

A reporter from a media outlet contacted the federation’s public relations this morning after announcing Ali ‌nejad’s visit to the national karate camp, and warned that the presence of members of the media at the national team quarantine camp could cause problems for the campers, but For the first time in the camp, reporters were told that Alinejad intended to speak privately with the nationalists and members of the technical staff, and that it would be better for them to leave.

This was while it seemed that the Deputy Minister of Sports was not aware of the presence of journalists and the presence of the media at the camp of the national karate team was without coordination with him.