Distribution of four thousand kilograms of fruit among Pakdashti families

According to Tehran Borna News Agency, Mojtaba Abdollahi, referring to the meeting with Nowruz, the head of Pakdasht Guilds Chamber, said: “As a result of this meeting, with the cooperation of Pakdasht Guilds Chamber and a group of Pakdashti supporters and charities, over 4,000 kilograms of fruit and more than 100 kilograms of sweets 800 families were distributed on the occasion of Yalda night under the support of this organization.

The head of Pakdasht city relief committee, stating that the distributed fruits included orange and tangerine apples, added: “Also, 210 livelihood packages containing mutton, rice, oil, beans, tomato paste, tea, honey, etc. in cooperation.” A group of benefactors and supporters of the Ikram Orphans and Mohsenin project were distributed among the supported families with the aim of not gathering the population and observing the health protocols with the participation of the charity centers of this city.

He pointed out that the donations of charities, sponsors and executive bodies have a great impact on the ability of target groups under the auspices of this institution, said: The value of items distributed among families supported by this institution is estimated at 165 million tomans.