Distribution of the modern vaccine began

The US government is working to deliver 20 million doses of the vaccine to the states by the first week of January.

The modern vaccine is being distributed in the United States as the Food and Drug Administration examines five allergic reactions that have been observed in the United States following the injection of the Pfizer and Bionotec anti-coronary vaccine in the United States.

“Allergic reactions to the vaccine have been reported in more than one state, including Alaska,” said Peter Marx, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biological Assessment and Research.

He stressed that a chemical called polyethylene glycol is a compound in the Pfizer vaccine and the modern vaccine that may be the cause of these reactions.

Allergic reactions to the substance may be more common than previously thought, Marx said.

Allergies reported in Alaska are similar to the two reported in the UK last week.

The UK has stated that anyone with a history of severe allergic reactions to medication or food should not receive the Pfizer-BionTone corona vaccine.

However, the Food and Drug Administration stated that most Americans with allergies should be safe to receive the vaccine.

The organization said that only people who already have severe allergic reactions to the vaccine or the substances used in this particular vaccine should refrain from injecting it.

The US Food and Drug Administration said Friday that the modern vaccine should not be given to people with a history of severe allergic reactions to any component of the vaccine.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the modern anti-coronary vaccine manufactured by Moderna.