Divorced Tehrani woman was slaughtered! / What was the motive of the killer?

According to the Khabar-e-Azad website, at midnight on January 30, 1997, an elderly man called the police and reported the murder of his 30-year-old daughter, Mitra.

“My daughter and son-in-law separated a few months ago,” said the frightened man. My daughter sometimes went to her ex-wife’s house to visit her two daughters. Yesterday, he went to his ex-wife Parviz to see his children and did not return. Concerned, I went to the front door, but no one opened the door.

He continued: It was midnight and my daughter had not returned home. Concerned, my wife and I went to my ex-groom’s house again, and when no one opened the door, we broke the door lock and came across my daughter’s bloody body.

With this call, the police officers went to Parviz’s house in Chahardangeh area and the bloody body of the young woman was transferred to forensic medicine with a court order. Parviz and his two daughters were not at home. Police tracked down Mitra’s wife and found that the man had gone to his sister’s house with his two daughters.

The story of Mitra’s murder in Chahardangeh

The 37-year-old man said: “My wife and I had a disagreement from the very beginning of our lives. The birth of our two daughters also made things worse. So when our two daughters were teenagers, we decided to separate. After the divorce, sometimes Mitra came to our house to see my two daughters. It had not been several months since the divorce that Mitra regretted and insisted on living. He said he missed the children and wanted me to conceive him.

He continued: The last time was at 6 in the morning and Mitra had come to my house to see my children. She saw my children and my two daughters went to school. But Mitra did not leave my house. She started talking and said she felt sorry for our children. He misses and can not stand this situation. He asked me to go back to his life when we got into an argument over this.

Defendant said: Mitra had sent me a text message many times before and insisted that my concubine oppose me. When she raised this issue again, I got angry. She wanted to leave the house. I told him I had already bought him the coat he was wearing. So he got angry and went to the kitchen. He attacked me with a kitchen knife and I was injured. In a moment, I took the knife from her and hit her. Then I went after my two daughters and took them to my sister’s house.

The murder of Mitra Tehrani girl in Chahardangeh

The murder followed the confession of this man and the reconstruction of his crime scene in the seventh branch of the criminal court of a Tehran province.

At that meeting, Mitra’s parents proposed retribution for Parviz, but the two teenage daughters of the victim passed retribution.

The defendant then defended himself and was sentenced to retribution by a court order.

The verdict was considered by the Supreme Court, and Parviz was able to satisfy Mitra’s parents by paying 330 million ransom. to this

He came back to life and stood trial in the general aspect of the crime in Branch 7 of the Tehran Criminal Court.

At the beginning of the hearing, the defendant said: I admit that I got into a fight with my ex-wife that day, but I just stabbed her in the shoulder and did not intend to kill her.

Explaining the story, Parviz said: Mitra and I lived together for 15 years, but many differences caused us to separate. I became angry that day when I saw my wife’s unwarranted urges to return to life. On this issue, a fight broke out between us and Mitra went to the kitchen and took the kitchen knife and attacked me. Even in that fight, my leg was injured. We were fighting when a knife accidentally hit Mitra in the shoulder and she fell to the ground. I left the house immediately and did not think that the blow would cause Mitra to die. Mitra probably fainted after being stabbed in the shoulder, and my wife died because the knife had damaged her lung. If I had taken him to the hospital, he would definitely have survived. I regret my wife’s death.

“My two daughters, aged 12 and 14, are having a hard time living and I have been in prison for two years,” he told the judges. I ask the judges of the court to reduce my sentence for my two daughters.