Do children born to Cronus mothers have antibodies?

About a year of the epidemic Corona virus In the meantime, many researchers and physicians have been trying to answer unanswered questions about the disease, its symptoms and side effects. According to Sina Press, one of the questions that has always been asked in this regard is how the corona virus affects pregnant women and their unborn children.

As women’s immune systems weaken during pregnancy, they have been asked to be careful not to get sick, but many cases remain unknown if they develop Covid.

Studies by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found that pregnant women are at greater risk for respiratory complications if they develop coronary heart disease. But there is not much information about children born to mothers with coronavirus. What is certain is that newborns are at risk Quid 19 They are mothers.

According to the Singapore Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Network, there is no evidence that the virus is transmitted between mother and child. The results of a parallel study by Singaporean researchers also show that babies born to mothers with coronavirus have antibodies to the coronavirus. However, these data suggest that the amount of antibodies in the baby’s body may vary.

Significantly, the rate of antibodies in infants whose mothers contracted coronary artery near the time of delivery is higher than in infants whose mothers contracted the disease early in pregnancy. However, the level of safety that the conditions may provide is still unknown. More research is needed to observe a decrease in antibodies as the baby grows. This is despite the fact that 72% of pregnant women with coronary artery disease have no symptoms and are unaware that they have the virus.

On the other hand, in a previous study conducted by researchers on 252 pregnant women from March to August, it was found that the virus is transmitted to the fetus in only three percent of cases. Of these, 95% were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms, and only 6% of these women developed severe pneumonia or Covid 19 critical condition.

A full description of these studies and their findings is available in the latest issue of the Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases.