Do coin dealers know behind the scenes? / Coin price rise regardless of dollars and gold

According to Eqtesadnews, Prices for coins Emami grew in linear transactions up to the border of 11 million Tomans. This was strange for many traders, because the dollar had not experienced a significant increase, and in the global gold market, the value of the yellow metal was in the same range of $ 1,730 until the end of the night. Under such circumstances, the growth of domestic precious metal was not expected. Some activists identify coin dealers as smart market players, and for this reason, they believe that major coin traders are aware of news that other market players are unaware of. In other words, some coin dealers have welcomed news that has not yet happened.

Coin bubble

However, some activists also believe that nothing special is going to happen, and that the increase in coin-buying has been due only to the fact that at the end of the year, the physical demand for traditional coins will increase slightly. For example, افراد Some people hold weddings and celebrations on Nowruz, and for this reason, ‌ demand to buy Coins and gold increase. In recent days in the market it has been observed that the demand for small coins has also increased significantly. This factor has caused the half coin to rise above 6 million and 600 thousand tomans.

In the Emami coin market, the market value of coins has taken a significant distance from its intrinsic value. The coin bubble has reached above 7%, and if the domestic precious metal continues to grow today, regardless of the dollar and gold, there is a possibility that the bubble will increase by up to 10%.