Ali Rabiei, a government spokesman, said in a press conference on Iran-China-Russia military cooperation and the possibility of a joint military facility in the Persian Gulf in the Oman Sea to counter the US-Israeli presence and establish peace and security: “Friendly relations with Russia and China.” At its peak, although we have no restrictions on deepening these relations in all political, economic and security aspects, we have repeatedly stated that security in the Persian Gulf region must be provided by the countries that own it, and this is the only way to achieve fair security for all countries. And it is a guarantee of peace and long-term stability.

He continued: “We do not consider the military view of the Persian Gulf to be in the interest of any country in the region and the world, and we hope that the United States will finally give up its cross-border adventures.”

Rabiee said: “Iran and Russia have good cooperation in various fields, including defense, which is beyond the bilateral level, and the neighboring countries’ positions in the fight against terrorism and extremism have provided the ground for other cooperation, including cooperation in Syria.” Cited.

The government spokesman said: “The security of the Persian Gulf must be provided by the countries of the region. In this regard, a specific plan was presented before and we still insist on it and we invite some countries in the region to look at the region instead of hostility and relying on foreigners.” Together with a strong Iran, we can guarantee peace and security in the Persian Gulf.

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