Do not go to the well with the rope of Barjamion

Mohammad Soleimani, a member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in an interview with Fars News Agency’s political correspondent, said about the government’s insistence on passing FATF-related bills: .

He continued: “The current situation is that we are under sanctions now and every day the United States imposes more sanctions on the nation and the Europeans have shown that they are not trustworthy and are not willing to cooperate in the framework of common interests with Iran.” They listen to American orders.

Soleimani stated: Mr. President himself once stated why we should talk to the Europeans; Rather, we are going to negotiate with Kadkhoda himself, that is, the Americans, and in the same way, they went and approved Borjam.

The representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: “In fact, the current situation is not in Iran’s interest at all, to get involved in issues such as the FATF, because in this situation, whatever Iran does, they will not give up their excuse.”

He continued: Borjam showed that by signing such contracts, the excuse cannot be taken from the enemy. The enemy is looking for an excuse, and the same global mechanisms at its disposal show that it is not right to take the excuse from the enemy.

Soleimani pointed out: Suppose the FATF is implemented, will the country’s financial problems be solved? No, it really does not happen because the one who decides is the United States and they act unilaterally and have nothing to do with other countries.

Referring to the decision-making countries in the FATF, he said: “The decision-making countries in the FATF are Saudi Arabia and Israel, and they are from this fabric.” They are also looking to land and make excuses for Iran. Even if Iran signs the FATF, the Westerners will make excuses.

The representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: Look from any angle, in the current situation, participating in the FATF has no benefit for Iran. On the other hand, the FATF has a lot of damage. Because we are in a situation of sanctions, solutions must be found to circumvent the sanctions and act to reduce the effectiveness of the sanctions.

He added: “The result of the FATF will be complementary to US and European sanctions and will close virtually all avenues for circumventing sanctions on the Iranian nation.” Entering the FATF may disrupt the import of some basic commodities or the export of oil.

Soleimani added: “Sanctions have prevented the entry of Iranian money into the country, so the FATF can be a complement to sanctions.” The FATF is closing the loopholes that the Iranian economy is now breathing through and making things harder for the Iranian people.

He noted: “I think those who are looking for the FATF are the ones who approved the UN Security Council and with strange promises, made the work of the Iranian nation so difficult, so we should not listen to them.”

The representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: We should not accept the arguments and analyzes of these people. Experience has shown that these people speak without reason and expertise, and the result will be to ground the Iranian nation.

Soleimani, emphasizing that it has now been determined that Borjam has all suffered damages, said: “If the FATF is approved now, who will accept its result?” Are these people internally seeking FATF approval, including the President and Secretary of State? Ensures that not all but some of the problems are solved with the FATF.

The representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: “While we see that the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs do not give such a guarantee, because it is clear to them that the FATF does not solve the problem, so members of the Expediency Council should pay attention to the FATF.” And do not go to the well with the rope of these Barjamians and do not throw the Iranian nation into the well and do not close the doors that are now open to the Iranian nation.