Does goldfish carry corona?

According to reports Economy News Quoted from Mehr, Mohammad Asgharzadeh stated: Due to the spread of the corona virus in the country, we advise people to pay attention to veterinary health points when buying and keeping goldfish.

The Director General of Veterinary Medicine of South Khorasan added: in case of contact with fish or water for transportation and storage, immediately wash the hands with soap and water or use appropriate disinfectants.

Asgharzadeh pointed out that people with suspicious symptoms of respiratory diseases should not be active in the production and transportation cycle of goldfish: Transporting fish home and not having unprotected contact with water and fish are important and effective factors in preventing the transmission of the disease.

He continued: “We ask people to refrain from buying sick and lethargic fish with signs of inactive swimming, without clear color and with spots on the skin of the body.”

Asgharzadeh reminded: Goldfish are one of the least dangerous pets in transmitting and spreading common diseases between humans and animals, but certain groups that have a low immune system should avoid direct contact of hands with goldfish.