Dolatabadi: Tejarat Bank’s view of the petrochemical industry is developmental / Pahlavani: Development of national and organizational consensus needed

The CEO of Tejarat Bank, along with the members of the Board of Directors and the accompanying board, continued their visit to Mahshahr port and Petrochemical Special Economic Zone; today they were the guests of Amirkabir Petrochemical.

According to ILNA, Amirkabir Petrochemical Public Relations, in a meeting held for this purpose with the presence of Reza Dolatabadi, CEO of Tejarat Bank and Dr. Pahlavani, CEO of Amirkabir Petrochemical and members of the Board of Directors of Tejarat Bank and financial manager and human resources manager of Amirkabir Petrochemical Welcoming the presence of the director of Tejarat Bank in the region, Dr. Pahlavani said: “I consider this move to be a trip to Mahshahr and presence in the petrochemical companies of the region by the CEO of Tejarat Bank as a step beyond customer orientation and this event is an effective step in my opinion.” The way to develop petrochemicals in the region.

The CEO of Amirkabir Petrochemical added: “The presence of the CEO of Tejarat Bank and the relationship with the petrochemical industry in this region shows his concern for the development of the industry and this is an important move beyond customer orientation.”

He added: “Success is not accidental and also development is not accidental; success and development is achieved when national and organizational consensus is formed around the axis of development. Therefore, development is accelerated and facilitated when the main inputs and support of development in the form of Act in a coordinated and integrated manner. These inputs, from the banking and customs systems to transportation, can lead to development when they are systematically and on the right track.

Dr. Pahlavani continued: “Considering this path, I evaluate this move of the esteemed Tejarat Bank in line with the development of the petrochemical industry, and for this reason, I am happy to host the CEO of Tejarat Bank and the managers of this complex today.”

Reza Dolatabadi in the continuation of this meeting; While appreciating the long vision of the CEO of Amirkabir Petrochemical, he emphasized that the bank’s vision of the petrochemical industry is a developmental vision and we hope to be able to play our role well. Dolatabadi added: I consider the petrochemical industry one of the most important and influential industries for Development and removal of barriers; I have made every effort, and in many cases, even outside the framework of existing regulations, I have ordered the removal of barriers to funding and facilities.

Dolatabadi emphasized that in line with this view and in line with the petrochemical industry, we have designed a complete and comprehensive portfolio, especially in the field of LC, so that we can consider appropriate services for this industry.

He further thanked Dr. Pahlavani for his national and purposeful vision.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Qanavati, Head of Tejarat Bank Branch at Amirkabir Petrochemical Complex, thanked Dr. Pahlavani for presenting a plaque of appreciation.

The CEO of Tejarat Bank on this trip; Ali Goodarzi, CEO of Tejarat Bank of Khuzestan Province, Morteza Tork Tabrizi and Abbas Ashrafnejad; , Customer Affairs Manager and Masoud Haghgoy, Head of Southeastern Khuzestan accompanied.