Dollar price forecast for the first day of winter 99

According to Tejarat News, the American banknote will be at 25,600 tomans yesterday. Also, the price of the dollar in the organized market was 25,004 Tomans. But what are the forecasts for the dollar today?

In this regard, the world of economics wrote: Autumn was the time of decline of all markets; The third quarter of this year began with a sharp rise in prices in the currency and coin markets, but this trend changed from the last week of October, and gradually with the increase in sales, prices reached a lower level than at the end of summer. The dollar, which was in the channel of 27,000 Tomans at the end of the summer, was at 25,450 Tomans on the last day of December; Two channels of decline in three months and a decline of 6.6 percent.

The dollar fell seasonally as US banknotes rose 43 percent in the summer and 18 percent in the spring. If the market trend is to change in the second half of the year, it can be imagined that in winter the price of this currency will decrease even more. In the foreign exchange market alone, the behavior of traders had not changed; in other markets, too, the general actors had become sellers. The coin experienced a 65% price increase in the summer and increased in the spring. Such a trend prevailed in the stock market. The overall stock index, which had an upward trend in the first and second seasons of the year, was affected by downward trends in the fall.

Thus, it can be said that all high-risk markets put their traders at a disadvantage in the first three months of the second half of the year, after the large profits they made in the first six months of the year. Two important factors influencing the downward trend of all markets can be identified;

It seems that the currency and coin market trends in winter also determine their position under the influence of the first variable, namely the size of inflation expectations. Some believe that the possibility of Iran-US talks in the winter could lead to a further easing of inflation expectations and, as a result, a further drop in the price of coins and dollars. However, some activists believe that there will be no negotiations or that sanctions will not be lifted immediately.

The group believes the markets will take a different path in the final season than in the fall.

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