Dollar price forecast forecast in the coming days / Intensification of multi-currency appreciation due to national exchange inconsistency

EconomyOnlineFatemeh Akbarkhani; In an interview with Eqtesadonline, a foreign exchange market analyst said why the dollar remained in the 25,000 Toman channel: In the open market, it should not be lower than 25,000 Tomans.

He also complained about the arbitrary rates announced by the National Exchange without considering the approvals of the Central Bank: In the past, the National Exchange used to announce its rates in proportion to the exchanges, but for some time now the dollar and euro prices in bank exchanges are higher than other exchanges; According to the Central Bank, the rate of buying and selling foreign currency in exchange offices should be announced with a difference of one percent, while the selling price of dollars and euros in national exchange offices is sometimes about 3 percent higher than buying it.

The foreign exchange market activist stated: “The central bank’s goal is to reduce the multiplicity of exchange rates, while the National Exchange with the new prices it announces will lead to the intensification of multi-exchange rates.”

Nobody buys dollars

He also referred to the volume of foreign exchange market transactions and said: “There is not much demand to buy foreign currency and no rush to sell it; In this way, the market is relatively stable, trading is done with great caution and no one buys dollars at the moment.

What about the dollar price on the first day of winter?

According to this foreign exchange market activist, the price of the dollar in the open market has dropped to 25,100 tomans in the past two days, but has increased again under the influence of the aforementioned factors; Today, the dollar started its work in the open market with a price of 25,550, and at this hour, it has reached 25,600 Tomans from Monday’s (16:00) trading.

He continued: in the exchange offices, the dollar of the channel has changed and has been reduced to about 24800 Tomans, and the national exchange office has announced the sale price of this currency at 25450 Tomans; According to the latest statistics, the price of Euro has reached 30970 Tomans in the open market, 30250 Tomans in exchange offices and 31 thousand Tomans in national exchange offices.

The foreign exchange market activist predicted in the end: the foreign exchange market atmosphere has become such that everyone is waiting for the dollar to depreciate and there is no demand, so it is likely that the dollar will continue to depreciate in the coming days.