Dollar price forecast today 30 Azar 99

According to Tejarat News, yesterday the dollar was traded in the market at a price of 25,500 Tomans. Also, the price of the dollar was recorded yesterday in the organized market of 25,000 Tomans. Now we have to see how the price of American banknotes will change on the last day of autumn of 1999 and what forecasts will be made for it?

In this regard, the world of economics wrote: Some activists stated that in order for the price of the dollar to continue to fall more rapidly, it is necessary for the dirham to lose the border of 7,000 Tomans. In fact, a dirham drop to the 6,000 Toman channel can act as a signal for the dollar to fall to the 24,000 Toman channel.

Some activists also believed that the changing market climate and expectations, due to some political news, paved the way for falling prices in the foreign exchange market. From this group’s point of view, the approval of the Supreme Leader’s approval of the extension of the FATF review period in the Expediency Council played an important role in the expectations of the currency players. The traders thought that the extension of the review would pave the way for the passage of the bills requested by the Financial Action Task Force from Iran. But why is the passage of these bills so important to the market?

Some currency traders believe that the increase in the value of the dollar this year has been partly due to Iran’s move to the FATF blacklist, and as a result, they think that if they are removed from the blacklist, an upward factor will leave the market.

The group says that by leaving the blacklist, Iran will have easier access to foreign exchange earnings, and countries such as China and South Korea will increase their cooperation with Iran. On the other hand, there were those in the market who, on the one hand, believed that Saturday’s fall in the dollar had nothing to do with the news about the FATF, and on the other hand, believed that sanctions were important for the market and that other issues would not have much effect on market prices. Had.

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