Dominance of a small number of reds over the stock market

According to reports EconomyNews, In Monday trading, the total index Exchange It decreased by 2,708 units and reached 1,436,000 units. But the total weighted index rose by 4,580 units and stood at 452,418 units.

Dominance of a small number of reds

At the end of trading on Monday, there were 302 price growth symbols, of which 212 were stock exchange symbols and 90 were OTC symbols. There were also 158 price reduction symbols, of which 111 were stock exchange symbols and 47 were OTC symbols. In other words, 62% of the market had a price increase and 32% of the market had a price decrease.

Stock supply and demand

At the end of today’s trading, the value of shopping queues was 2,330 billion tomans, which shows a growth of 0.7 percent compared to yesterday. Also, the value of sales queues increased by 22% and reached 777 billion tomans.

Today, Bouali Petrochemical Company topped the market demand table with a purchase queue of 485 billion Tomans. After Bouali, the phenomenon of chemistry of the century (century) and investment management of Kowsar Bahman (Vakbehman) had the largest purchase queue. The highest sales queue belonged to the symbol of Ghobnoosh (Behnoosh Iran Company), which had a sales queue of 149 billion Tomans at the end of transactions. After Ghabnoosh, Magsal Company (Zamgsa) and Iran Tire (Petair) had the highest sales queue.

The largest price increase

the door Exchange Georgian Biscuit Company (with the Georgian trading symbol) had the largest price increase. After Gharraji, Yazd Welding Industries Company (Bakab) and Shafadaro Investment Company (Shafa) recorded the highest price growth. the door OTC New Trade Insurance Companies (Beno) and Asia Sir Aras (Hassa) also had the highest price increases.

Impressive contributions

In today’s trading, Shasta (Social Security Investment Company), Khodro (Iran Khodro) and Foolad (Mobarakeh Steel Company) were the red market leaders who had the most negative impact on the index.

The stock market map is one day