Double the sales of Khorasan Steel in the Commodity Exchange

The head of sales and marketing deputy of Khorasan Steel Complex stated: This year was accompanied by many ups and downs for the country’s steel industry. On the one hand, the instructions for this industry were issued one after another by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. On the other hand, the problems caused by Corona and the infrastructural problems of the country caused not only Khorasan Steel, but also many steelmakers of the country to face serious challenges.

Hossein Bakhtiari added: Khorasan Steel Company was closed for about 23 days at the beginning of this year due to the outbreak of Corona virus. Therefore, in April of this year, production stopped in the company. During the current year, problems caused by the infrastructure of Khorasan Razavi province, including electricity and gas, caused the production of Khorasan Steel Company to stop production for about 51 days in the past months. These issues also caused the company’s production to decrease compared to last year.

The Deputy Head of Sales and Marketing of Khorasan Steel Complex Company pointed out: Due to the decrease in production in the company, the amount of sales has also decreased compared to last year. However, due to the policies of the managing director and the board of directors adopted for Khorasan Steel Company, the amount of sales in the commodity exchange almost doubled. So that almost all sales of Khorasan Steel Company took place in the commodity exchange and we do not have sales outside the exchange. Khorasan Steel has two steelmaking lines, one of which is dedicated to the rolling sector and the other is a line for sale in the market. This means that we are able to sell 600 to 700 thousand tons of steel ingots every year and we can supply 600 thousand tons of rebars in the rolling line to the market.

Regarding Khorasan Steel’s strategies for marketing and sales in the field of domestic exports and sales, Bakhtiari said: “The company’s strategy for developing export markets is to know the markets in the region. Increase.

He continued: “The proximity of Khorasan Steel to the Central Asian market is one of the main factors that we seek to sell our products in this area.”

The head of sales and marketing deputy of Khorasan Steel Complex Company admitted: due to the decrease in production, we had a decrease in exports and we could not even fulfill our export obligations that we already had on time. Because 51 days off in the complex caused a large part of the obligations that we created for the company before the holidays, did not reach the customers on time, and this caused the export to decrease.

Bakhtiari stated: The procedure published by the Ministry of Silence obliges steelmakers to offer all their products on the commodity exchange. So that almost all the products of our company were considered as our obligations and in the commodity exchange for that quota. Accordingly, the Code does not provide a place for exports, which we hope, given the warnings given by various associations in this regard, the issue of exports will be considered as a serious discussion in this Code and then implemented.

Head of Sales and Marketing Deputy of Khorasan Steel Complex, referring to the transparency of sales of Khorasan Steel Company, said: The sale of the company is often done through the commodity exchange and this method of sale is the most transparent method. All people who want to buy integrated products can get these products through the commodity exchange, and this way of selling is transparent. Khorasan Steel Company has not created a monopoly in sales, nor is the company monopolized by a specific person. Accordingly, Khorasan Steel Company has one of the most transparent sales.

Public Relations of Khorasan Steel Complex