Downhill forecast of falling car prices in winter 99 + Table

In the first half of 1999, it might have been a little easier to answer that question. Because prices were constantly rising, many buyers preferred to convert their cash into cars as soon as possible. In those circumstances, people’s purchasing power fell sharply due to rising car prices. But with the start of the fall of ’99 and the downward trend in prices, the number of sellers increased and the number of buyers decreased. Because people wanted to buy the car they wanted at the lowest possible price. In this article, together with Mechanic, we intend to examine the trend of car prices in the last quarter of 1999. At the end of the text, you can see the daily price table of popular cars of Iran Khodro and Saipa.

Issue 1: Is the price reduction good?

Undoubtedly, as much as a sudden rise in price can hit the market, a sudden drop in it is also a harmful issue. In an unstable market, buyers and sellers are confused and do not know when to buy a car. Currently, the downward trend in prices has caused buyers to wait for lower prices and sellers to sell to avoid further losses. This will cause an imbalance between supply and demand and damage the market.

On the other hand, automakers can not accept this trend and are looking for a way to maintain current prices. Accordingly, the continuation of the downward trend in the daily price of cars can not be considered very useful. You should note that what can save the car-free market right now is price stability, and reducing or increasing them will not benefit either the automaker or the buyers and sellers.

Issue 2: What strategies have been devised to stabilize the market?

Recently, the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced that the capacity of the automobile industry should reach 1.2 million vehicles by the end of 1999. This increase in capacity is due to the fact that the balance of supply and demand in the market is maintained and the price of cars is stabilized while reducing significantly. But the big question is, is such a thing really possible?

Many analysts think that none of the country’s car factories can provide this capacity. Especially now that the country is under sanctions and it is difficult to supply parts. On the other hand, no special arrangements have been made for this increase in capacity. But let’s assume that this happens and the capacity of the car industry will reach the said number. What happens then?

The first issue in this regard is the difference between market and factory prices. Undoubtedly, Iran Khodro and Saipa do not intend to offer their new cars at current prices. Because these cars are bought and sold at a much higher price as soon as they leave the factory and are delivered to the customer. Therefore, it can not be expected that the increase in capacity can have an effect on the process of reducing or even stabilizing car prices.

The second question is whether this increase in capacity can meet the needs of the market? At present, car companies have a lot of arrears, and a large part of these cars must be delivered to predetermined owners. For this reason, even if the production capacity reaches the expected number by the end of the year, it can not have much effect on prices by increasing supply in the market.

Issue 3: What will happen in the end?

Now that we are in the early winter of ’99, the main question for buyers is whether we should accept the current price of the car and buy it or wait for a further price reduction? Sellers also want to know if this loss on the car will continue or if prices will rise again and the value of the car will rise? In answer to this question, car price experts and analysts predict two situations.

– The first case: return the conditions and increase the price of the car day

The first group of experts thinks that the current stability of prices is a calm before the storm. A storm that starts with rising prices and everything goes back to normal. These experts recommend that you buy a car in the current situation where the market is relatively stable. This is because the lack of market monitoring and the efforts of automakers to fill the gap between the market and the factory will cause prices to rise again in the near future.

– The second case: the continuation of the downward trend and finally the stability of prices

Experts of the second category think that the entry of the National Inspection Organization into the issue of pricing, along with increasing the production capacity and exit of stored cars, can continue the process of reducing the daily price of cars. On the other hand, many car owners, or those who started stockpiling cars in search of more profit during the price increase, have now started selling their cars. For this reason, it also helps to increase supply in the market and maintains a downward trend in prices.

The two-week closure of auto shows has also accelerated the decline in prices. Although forecasting the country’s economic situation and analyzing various markets, including cars, has gone out of control after the exchange rate fluctuations and the economic downturn caused by the corona, but if the car price decline continues, we will expect a warm winter in the car market after months.

In the following, you can compare the changes in car prices in December and January and compare the sharp decline in the prices of popular cars. This table uses the daily car price tool along with the mechanic Has been extracted. With 3 million monthly users and more than 10 million visits to the site and the mobile application, this tool is a reliable source for viewing the current price of the car and its fluctuation during different months.

Car name

Car day price on 1 Azar

Car day price on January 1st

Peugeot 206 Type 2 Model 99



Peugeot 206 Type 5 Model 99



Peugeot 207 automatic model 99



Peugeot Pars Automatic Model 99



Peugeot Pars LX Model 99



Peugeot 405 SLX Model 99



Dena Model 99



Dena Plus Turbo 4 Airbag Model 99



Rana LX Model 99



Thunder 90 Model 98



Vitara Model 98



Peugeot 2008 Model 99



111 Model 99



Pride 131 Model 99



Tiba Model 99



Tiba 2 Model 99



Saina Model 99



Quick gear model 99



Quick R Model 99



CS35 Saipa Model 98



Cerato Saipa Model 98