Drink formula to increase fat burning

“Anyone may experience food cravings from time to time, and it is usually difficult to try and fight them,” she wrote, quoting Itis. It is also easier to avoid a food if you do not feel like eating it. But when it comes to avoiding food cravings and improving health, can beverages be an effective option?

Nutritionist Katherine Kimber sees good food choices throughout the day as a key factor in avoiding and controlling food cravings. Also, according to nutritionist Sharon Katzman, in a situation where nothing can replace a balanced and anti-inflammatory diet, healthy drinks can be considered a faster and easier solution, and when paired with the right foods, The likelihood of experiencing food cravings is also greatly reduced.

Here are seven drinks that can help control and prevent food cravings.

Green tea

Studies show that green tea is an anti-inflammatory beverage. Natural phenolic compounds called catechins in combination with caffeine in green tea can help boost the body’s metabolism. According to nutritionist Anjo Mobin, consuming green tea along with endurance exercise is also one of the most effective methods for fat oxidation.

bitter coffee

Bitter coffee offers various health benefits, but in the context that this drink is presented as an appetite suppressant, the evidence is inconsistent. According to Katzman, bitter coffee is an anti-inflammatory beverage, and some studies have linked it to improving brain health, but these benefits are available as long as you do not add sugar or cream to your coffee.

Apple vinegar

If you have been researching fat burning drinks, you are probably familiar with apple cider vinegar. Some studies show that apple cider vinegar can help burn fat stored deep in the abdomen as well as reduce overall body fat storage. Of course, you should not consume too much apple cider vinegar because it can be associated with some risks over time, including damage to tooth enamel. It is recommended to consume diluted apple cider vinegar.

celery juice

Celery offers various health benefits and is considered as a useful food to help lose weight. Celery juice does not have much fiber content, but an anti-inflammatory drink contains nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. It is best not to add too much fruit to the celery juice as the fruit can raise blood sugar, which may stimulate the brain to react to sugar and increase food cravings.


Lara Kemfer, a fitness and nutrition trainer, believes that drinking different types of tea is good for human health. Mint tea, oolong tea and blue tea can all help boost the body’s metabolism. The smell of mint may even help suppress appetite. Tea is a soothing drink and can help reduce the stress hormones that cause inflammation.

Unsweetened iced tea

Cold tea can offer the same benefits as hot tea, but it is a more convenient option for transport than hot tea. Cold green tea can provide anti-inflammatory benefits and is a good alternative to carbonated beverages and sugary drinks. Like coffee, unsweetened iced tea can provide these benefits because sugar is inflammatory and even sugar substitutes may cause cravings for sugary foods.


Water is one of the best and healthiest drinks that you can consider to prevent food cravings and weight loss. When you are dehydrated, you may be more likely to experience cravings and think you are hungry, when in fact you are not. Also, water is a good option for detoxifying different parts of the body. In general, you can consider drinking eight glasses of water a day to ensure adequate water intake.