East Azerbaijan ready to participate in the reconstruction of the liberated areas of Nagorno-Karabakh

According to the Borna News Agency in East Azerbaijan, Mohammad Reza Pourmohammadi in the 65th session of the Dialogue Council of the government and the private sector of the province, stating that the responsibility for developing relations with neighboring countries has been entrusted to East Azerbaijan province, the province’s readiness to participate in reconstruction of Karabakh liberated areas. And announced the development of economic relations with the countries of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

He announced the holding of virtual meetings with officials and economic activists of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia next week and said: “In these meetings, we will introduce our capacities and examine the needs of the other parties.”

Pourmohammadi also asked the Tabriz Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture to send a delegation of economic activists to the province to evaluate the areas of cooperation and investment in the two neighboring countries and provide an operational solution for the province’s participation in this field.

The governor of East Azerbaijan, stating that only two percent of the market of the Republic of Azerbaijan is in the possession of Iran, added: “Economic development can not be achieved without exports, and given the high willingness of neighboring countries to cooperate with Iran, we must enter this field effectively.”

Emphasizing that the role of East Azerbaijan in the division of national work for the development of economic relations with neighboring countries has not been as serious as it should be, Pour Mohammadi said: The Ministry of Silence is being prepared.

In another part of his speech, he appreciated the efforts of production activists in the province and said: “Despite all the problems and misfortunes, the country’s economic growth and the province’s financial balance is positive this year and the performance of the Aras Free Zone has grown significantly.”

Emphasizing that in the last year of the government, we should not see any underemployment by the executive bodies, Pourmohammadi added: “Comparing the performance of the executive managers and banks of the province in the last year of the government with previous years is on the agenda of the senior management of the province.”

He emphasized: The Dialogue Council is seriously working to remove barriers to production and we have no compliments in this regard.

The Governor of East Azerbaijan also emphasized on increasing the powers of the provincial units of banks and referring to the delegation of some powers of the National Bank of Iran to the province and the removal of restrictions on granting Note 18 facilities by this bank, And the removal of barriers to production in the province to consider this decision in examining the banking problems of producers.

Referring to some important and infrastructure projects in the province, such as Khavaran Railway Station, Aras Water Transfer and Tabriz Metro, Pourmohammadi emphasized on increasing the participation of Bank Melli Iran in the implementation and financing of these projects.

Regarding the problems in the field of road transport, he emphasized on pursuing the use of facilities in this field by increasing the number of transport companies in the province and called for the formation of a special committee to review and solve the problems of this sector.

In this meeting, the reasons for the increase in road transportation costs as well as the problems of supplying petrochemical raw materials to the province’s production units from the commodity exchange were examined.

Examining the capacities and challenges of the border areas of the province and presenting proposed solutions for the development of the province’s trade relations with neighboring countries was the most important agenda of this meeting that some managers and private sector activists expressed their views in this regard.