Easy Life shorts folder, the most effective way to control urinary incontinence

Pushineh Shorty is a new product from the well-known brand Easy Life, which was produced and marketed for the first time in Iran in 1999. Zarrin Roya Company uses the latest technology in the world to produce Shorts folder Adults have. The unique benefits and features of the shorts folder will make a big difference in the lives of people with urinary incontinence.

What is urinary incontinence?

One of the misconceptions about urinary incontinence We think this challenge only occurs in old age, but it can be temporary or permanent for anyone, at any age, due to factors such as urinary tract infections, constipation, surgery, pregnancy, and natural childbirth. Obesity and the use of certain medications occur. Therefore, aging and diseases of old age are not the only causes of this complication.

Urinary incontinence is considered a taboo and many people are ashamed to talk about it. Statistics show that more than 400 million people in the world live with the challenge of urinary incontinence, but it is interesting to know that this statistic is much lower than the real statistic because more than 60% of infected people do not report their problem and try to deny or hide They have it. Depending on the level of urinary incontinence (mild, moderate, and severe), people with conditions such as frequent and urgent need to urinate or leak urine become sudden and frequent, which leads to embarrassment and negatively affects their quality of life. Because of the misconception about urinary incontinence, a large percentage of people with dementia avoid attending gatherings, traveling, parties, and wherever they are unsure of access to health care.

Advantages of Easy Life Shorts Folder over Adhesive Folder

Active people with incontinence usually feel negative and resist the use of an adhesive folder because the adhesive folder has a structure similar to a diaper and is difficult for active people to move with. One of the most important features of the Easy Life shorts folder is that it looks like underwear and is very comfortable for daily activities.

Easy Life shorts case is equal to imported shorts products in terms of quality, ease of use and high absorption, and is much more economical in terms of price. These features make the Easy Life shorts folder the most effective way to control urinary incontinence.

Some of the unique features of the adult shorts folder include:

  • Rapid absorption of fluids From the surface of the folder with two-layer central area technology
  • Invisibility of the folder from the clothes With a design that fits the body shape
  • Easy to replace By tearing the side seams of the cover, without having to take off the pants
  • Comfortable mobility With the help of 360 degree elastic and flexible waist
  • Maximum leakage protection With the help of vertical protective layers around the legs and waist, elastic and waterproof
  • Maintain skin health And reduce the moisture of the skin surface with the help of respiratory layers
  • Easy to throw away With the help of adhesive tape embedded in the back of the folder


The Impact of Shorts on the Caregivers’ Lives

One of the care challenges for caregivers caring for a person with urinary incontinence is to cover Adhesive folder It’s to them. Easy Life shorts cover with a structure similar to underwear, has made the process of covering the cover to an adult very easy for caregivers. Easy changing of the cover also helps caregivers to tear the side seams to help them easily change the cover while maintaining their self-esteem.


Incidence of urinary incontinence and involvement with challenges such as anxiety about leaking urine, feeling the urgent need for health care, etc. can discourage the affected person from attending and participating in group activities and affect the mental health of the person in the long run. .

Easylife shorts case is not only a product to control urinary incontinence but also a factor in making a big difference in the life of people with urinary incontinence. The shorts folder and its unique features allow us to experience a life full of vitality despite urinary incontinence.

By raising awareness about urinary incontinence and choosing the right folder, in addition to taking care of our physical health, we can maintain a normal rhythm of life and improve our quality of life. To find out more about wearing shorts and living with urinary incontinence, visit the official EasyLife website.