Mustafa Ghani, Secretary of the Biotechnology Development Office of the Vice President for Science and a member of the Corona Vaccine Committee, referred to the British mutated virus and the effect of Corona vaccines on it. There are no vaccines and the same vaccines will be effective.

He wondered if a stronger vaccine against Corona would be needed in the near future. He continued: “We have to wait and see what mutations the virus will have in the future, because the mutation in the virus is unpredictable and we have to see how the virus changes and act accordingly.”

“The change that has taken place in this virus will increase its prevalence, although it has happened before and it has caused the virus to spread more,” Ghani said of the strength of the British virus.

“Keep in mind that the more antiviral drugs you take, the more likely it is that the viruses will increase in strength, and so there is always the possibility of a mutation in the virus, because that is what the virus is all about,” he said.

The Secretary of the Biotechnology Development Office of the Vice President for Science, in response to the question that the domestically produced vaccine can also be resistant to changes in the corona virus such as the English virus, said: “Currently, based on the activities of the corona virus seen so far, the vaccine is effective. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, as studies are incomplete, but the domestic vaccine has no problem with the mutated virus. Even official sources say the virus has not posed a threat to vaccines and if the vaccine becomes available, Certainly this prevalence will be much less.

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